Fuzhou Cosmos Joy International Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of
yoga clothing for Global Market. Cosmos joy is our outdoor wear brand.

Our competitive concept: Well-trained team with good sense of responsibility. Year’s accumulating experiences in both fabric and manufacturing knowledge ensuring our desire
of perfection. In-house designer & technician for careful double-checking for our customer’s technical files and
size fitting. In-house designer & technician helping our customers to develop their own styles and new
collections, out of it, we also supply our own designing to our customers in order to create more sales. Available special and modern equipped office for our customers who are sending their sales manager
or designesr to work with us for fast design-testing and counter-samples proceeding. Big stock of various fabric and colour yardages available for easy and quick samples-making. Carefully selected fabric and accessories suppliers to ensure all our products are resulting to our
expectation. Sensitive to competitive price as well as fast carrying-out salesman samples, pre-production samples
and therefore, bulk production. Intensive information reporting to our customers during the proceeding to keep our customers well
informed of necessary progress.

Believing in Next-is-Now
We offer exceptional products to the reputed business folks in the industry from wellness centre, gyms, sports organisation to other corporate- any bulk buyer or business owner in need of fitness clothes and gears.

Take A Look At Our Fitness Clothing Product Range:

Sports Bra,  Fitness Pants,  Running Clothing,  Shorts, T-shirt, Workout Clothing, Yoga Clothing,Kids Fitness Clothing
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